We work on a integrated communication methodology to build authority and reputation. Always with a pool of strategies and actions that fit our partners’ business challenges.

Public Relations

We develop communication strategies to build reputation and brand positioning. Relationship management with different audiences, opinion makers and stakeholders that are relevant to companies and their challenges to generate credibility, visibility and loyalty.

Content and Digital

Development of multimedia content, such as infographics, videos, podcasts, branded content, social networks, lives and webinars. Digital and social media strategies and actions that include channel and community management, social listening, SEO, inbound marketing projects and paid media.

Influence Marketing

Campaigns and relationship actions and co-creation strategies with digital influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from different segments. Brand’s insertion in contexts and communities with potential to generate conversations, awareness, consideration and conversion, using the influence of content producers.

Thought Leadership

Building authority and influence through leadership programs and actions aiming brands, executives and C-levels using content marketing strategies to build up LinkedIn positioning and proprietary channels, in specific segments.

Crisis Management

Development of procedures and actions for the prevention and management of crisis of different proportions, focusing on minimizing negative impacts and building strategies to improve the image and reputation of brands.


Taylor made workshops focused on executives’s development and training, teams and commercial teams. Media trainings, public speaking training, planning and strategy workshops, influence marketing, social media positioning, etc.